About Homebrew

Welcome to your new favorite hobby! If you love good commercial beer, you should think about home brewing. It is simple, cheap and easy to do.

You steep malted barley grains in hot water so they release their sugars, then boil the resulting sugary water for about 40 minutes, add hops at various stages for getting bitterness, flavor and aroma, add yeast to the boiled liquid after cooling down for fermentation, carbonate then enjoy the end result.

About Malts

Most of the beer are made using a number of different kinds of malted barley, each lending its own flavor, color and characteristic to the beer. Malted grain is made by sprouting barley grains until they germinate and then quickly drying them in a kiln. The longer they are roasted in the kiln, the darker the grain and generally the more intense the flavor becomes, going from a light bready color and aroma through to darker caramel flavors and then to a rich, dark ,black burnt bitterness.

Oatmeal Stout

It sounds like an ambitious beer to brew,  but it isn’t. it’s a tasty one though.

The unlikely addition of oats to this beer is going to make your stout smooth, creamy and without affecting the flavor too much.


Hefe Weizen

It is simple to make, with only one hop addition. it ferments and conditions quickly so it is a good beer for impatient brewers like me.

The magic comes from using a proper Bavarian wheat beer yeast. It is the source of all the beautifully balanced banana and clove aromas. The yeast costs a little more than regular dried yeast, but it makes a big difference here.

As with any beer, use the freshest and best ingredients you can find. This beer in particular, will highlight any inferior ingredients.

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