Brew with your Roo

Select your favorite recipe
Prepare your grains, hops, yeast and water
Put some loud music on
Power on your Roo and ready to brew

Add water

Add fresh water into your Roo. Normally, if the water tastes good when you drink, it should be okay to brew with.


Close the lid and let your Roo to preheat the water up to mash temperature.

Add grain

Insert the grain bucket into your Roo and slowly add grains inside. Give it a good stir to make sure all lumps are broken up.


Let your take care of the mash at a constant temperature with automatic wort circulation. It helps to get most of the sugar out from gains.


Lift the grain bucket up and lay it on top of your Roo, allow fluid to drain off, meanwhile heating automatically starts to bring the wort towards boil temperature.


Wort starts to boil, leave grain bucket in the tray for further draining. Stir the wort to avoid possible boil over. Adjust heating power to make the boil nice and gentle. Add the hop cage into your Roo and add hops according to recipe schedule.


When the hop cage is lifted up for draining, whirlpool the wort by stirring, it helps to separate trub from the wort.


While the wort is moving nicely, put on the lid and lock it up, then fill some water into the airlock and insert it in the lid. Now your Roo is well sealed for the wort cooling down.

Move wort

The next day, after cooling is finished, sanitize your fermenter and tools then pump the wort into your fermenter. White foam will be seen after pumping. It is a good sign that the wort is well aerated.


Time to pitch yeast into your fermenter. After that, seal your fermenter with lid and airlock. Remember to put sanitize in the airlock. Leave it in a dark place for two weeks fermentation.


Sanitize the bottles, prime the bottles with a bit of sugar then move the fermented bear into them. Cap the bottles and leave them in a dark place for about two weeks.



Then, next batch!

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