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Smart Roo series

Smart Roo series is tailor made for home brewers to make awesome craft beer at home in small batches. It is smart and user-friendly. No matter you are new in beer homebrew or a senior home brewer, the Roo helps you to make your beer nice and easy. There are different styles of beer recipes for you to brew with, plus possible to try all other recipes you like.

With All Grain Brew method, you start your beer from grain and water, which is most of the serious home brewer’s ways to go, while the No Chill technology helps to save time and water resources compare to the conventional way of chilling.

Mobile Phone App

Classical Beer Recipes

Brew Monitoring

Brew Instruction

Free Android App with brew monitoring functions. Stay in a couch with a cup of beer in your hand while the Roo is doing his job, the brewing process is all visible on your mobile phone. There are also classical beer recipes and brew instructions for you to read offline, and there is a calculator for you to calculate the alcohol content of the beer you got.

Brew with your Roo

Brew instructions

Brew with Smart Roo is super simple and easy to do. You will enjoy the process and love the resulting beers. This will become your new favorite hobby. Want to know more details? Here is an instruction telling everything about how to make nice craft beer at home with your Roo.



Curious home brewers always want to see what and how is your wort and yeast doing during the “long” fermentation period, so it is important to have a transparent container. Since glassware in large size is fragile, not friendly in washing or transportation, the transparent plastic containers are our choice. Good to have several of them, so you have always multi batches of outstanding beers in stock.


There are also some tools needed. These tools are carefully selected, working well with the Roo. They help you with stirring, sanitizing, measuring, moving, bottling and cleaning, will make your brewing life even easier and more professional. You don’t have to waste time searching them from the market.


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    Who are we?

    Brewing Roo Pty, located in Sydney, Australia, we are delegated in making advanced user-friendly and environmental-friendly homebrew machines for small batches craft beer home brewers, by applying modern control automation, mobile phone app technology with actual brew practice.

    Thinking about starting to brew your own beautifully crafted, fresh, rich aromatic beers at home? Please contact us now.

    We are also actively seeking business partners globally. If you want to join us in the promotion to help more people enjoy this great hobby, please let us know. 

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